About Us

What Sets Us Apart

We Inspect and Test your Equipment
Using the manufacturer’s test procedures and tools, we go through the testing and calibration procedures recommended by the people who built the scanner—and then we go beyond that. We test the equipment before it arrives at your facility, calibrate it fully after it’s installed, and document everything.
We Inspect and Test your Site
If the room that holds the scanner doesn’t meet specifications, the scanner won’t work right. We have sophisticated test equipment for measuring possible interference with the scanner. We get called to fix the machines that others installed.
We See the Big Picture
We help with the other requirements for effective imaging. We provide training so that the technologist can be proficient and confident. We provide assistance with the accreditation process, to make it efficient and prompt. We assist with marketing your imaging services.
Medical Imaging is a complex and costly business. We can help you do it successfully.

Equipment Repair

Our experienced technicians are prepared to diagnose and repair your equipment today. Click here to set up a service call, get an estimate, or find parts.
Buy or Sell

We buy and sell refurbished imaging equipment, and we install, remove, and inspect MRI equipment. Click here to learn how we can help you.
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Your MRI is complex, and so are the decisions surrounding it. Why not gather all the information you can? Click here to begin a dialog with MRI experts.